It's like investing in Google in '98....

For me, writing was an unprecedented joy. I didn't see it coming. That would, however, explain my affinity for writing those universally hated essays early on in my educational career. Would I ever admit that I liked doing homework? Of course not. Because kids are mean, and who at that age willfully agrees to persistent shame?

Fast forward and I still have that same passion. Highly motivated and profoundly dedicated, my ambition is turning hobby into profession. Creating content and helping reach your brand goals, coupled with gaining a little experience along the way.

This, however, is not about my dreams in literature, but how I can be of service to you and your brand. Living in the golden age of information, unless you are a scientist on the cusp of a new frontier, there isn’t much we relatively do not know. What stands out is not what the information is, but how that information is presented. In other words, a voice. I have that voice. When it comes to a unique take on topics, I never refrain from theory.

Creating a relatable story while relaying necessary information is my specialty, and I would like to share that approach with you. Below are some writing samples that express the sentiment; whether it be fitness, lifestyle or motivation.

A creative mind, with a proper command of the written word. What I lack in experience, I make up in confidence and a willingness to get the job done.  

All I need is the opportunity to be great. So invest in me like you would Google in the 90’s and I guarantee the return will be more than you expect.